Founders First

Founders First is creating a post-seed accelerator program for startups who have recently come out of seed accelerators such as Ycombinator, Tech Stars, Seedcamp and Founder Institute.

In the Spring we ran a post-seed accelerator pilot program for entrepreneurs who were alumni of accelerator programs such as YCombinator, Tech Stars, Seedcamp, Founder Institute, Facebook Fund and Launch Box. During the program we learned a lot about how we can best support founders as they find Product/Market Fit, raise their next round of capital and grow their company.

Since the pilot program we’ve created an ecosystem of partners, advisors, service providers and angel investors who can help founders with Product Development, Customer Development, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Hiring and Preparing for Growth. By structuring this as a collaborative ecosystem we’ve been able to efficiently get founders what they need at an engagement level and cost structure that makes sense.¬†We’ve allied with many of the leading thinkers of the Lean Startup movement and have adopted their language and methodology to streamline communication and collaboration within the ecosystem.